S598 in Ursa Majoris

Stuart Anderson
Star: S598 in Ursa Majoris
Date & Time: UT 11th Jan 2001 20:55
Seeing: 4 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>. 
Location of site: Hamburg, Germany 
Lat/Long: 53 34 N, 9 59 E 
Site classification: Suburban sky 
Sky darkness: -- <Limiting magnitude> 
Binoculars: Vixen Ultima 9x63 + tripod 
FOV: 5d 
S598 in the 33 Doubles Bino list. Checked with SMP and star hopped from the bear's "paw" (is it?: theta, iota and kappa UMa) down to S598 (TYC 3425-1596-1). Verified I had located the target by checking for the presence of TYC 3425-1595-1 and TYC 3425-282-1 in the binocular FOV to the west.
The primary was a distinct orange colour, and the secondary (generous separation) had the same coloration, I suspect. I had to use averted vision to see this companion, however, and the neary full Moon was not so far away, so maybe my perception of its colour was wrong.
I *thought* I caught occasional glimpses of the third component, forming what I thought was a roughly equilateral triangle with the others, but I may have been imagining things! In fact, a check later in SMP showed that:
- the companion in fact is yellowish (TYC 3425-1003-1)
- the third component does indeed complete a roughly equilateral triangle, and is of magnitude *10.3*. Surely this would not have been visible in my binoculars - must have been my imagination...
I sure would like to see this in a telescope, must be a pretty view. One day...
Est. PA betwen primary and yellow companion: 180 degrees.