17 Comae Berenices

Stuart Anderson
Star: 17 Comae Berenices
Date & Time: 2019 UTC, 23.Feb.2001
Seeing: 4-5 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>. 
Location of site: Hamburg, Germany 
Lat/Long: 53 34 N, 9 59 E 
Site classification: Suburban sky 
Sky darkness: -- <Limiting magnitude> 
Binoculars: Vixen Ultima 9x63 + tripod 
FOV: 5d 
Nice double, westerly component is the brighter one. Very easy to split, with no colour discernible to me. Easy to locate within Mel 111 open cluster, since 17 Com is the only immediately identifiable close double in my binocular field of view.
Mel 111 almost fills my bino field of view. Very open.
Estimated position angle is 200 degrees. Temperarture has dropped to -3.5 C. Tea (Earl Grey) helps a lot.