17 Canum Venaticorum

Stuart Anderson
Star: 17 Canum Venaticorum
Date & Time: 2013 UTC, 23.Feb.2001
Seeing: 4-5 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>. 
Location of site: Hamburg, Germany 
Lat/Long: 53 34 N, 9 59 E 
Site classification: Suburban sky 
Sky darkness: -- <Limiting magnitude> 
Binoculars: Vixen Ultima 9x63 + tripod 
FOV: 5d 
Found this pair by star hopping from eta and zeta UMa. Then to alpha and beta CVn. SMP charts helped me greatly. Wide separation - easy to split, with no colour discernible in either of the pair.
This pair consists of 17 and 15 CVn. The pair forms a triangle with a 6.19 magnitude star, GSC-3022-2309, which I could easily detect. The E component is the brighter (just), and the pair seems to lie in an E-W direction, so I would estimate the PA to be 270 degrees. Separation in 33 Doubles list is 84"