Delta Bootes 

Stuart Anderson
Star: Delta Bootes 
Date & Time: 2135 UTC, 23.Feb.2001
Seeing: 4-5 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>.
Location of site: Hamburg, Germany
Lat/Long: 53 34 N, 9 59 E
Site classification: Suburban sky
Sky darkness: -- <Limiting magnitude>
Binoculars: Vixen Ultima 9x63 + tripod
FOV: 5d
Very easy to locate, although it is currently rather low in the sky. Star hopped from alpha Boo -> Eta Boo -> target. Verified target with help of SMP charts: Delta forms an almost parallelogram shape with 50 Boo, TYC 2566-1637-1 and TYC 2566-1638-1.

The main component (mag 3.5) dominates the pair, but the dimmer component (SMP: TYC 2566-246-1, mag 7.8) is visible (averted vision helps) and thus the pair splittable. Rather wide separation. Delta has a distinct red colour.

This pair probably looks much more impressive in a telescope and higher mag than in my Vixen binos.

Limiting magnitude at this time: I can *just* about make out the 8.20 mag star TYC 2566-445-1 closeby.

Carol Lakomiak
Star: Delta Bootes
Date & Time: 9, April, 2003
Seeing:  <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>.
Location of site: USA
Site classification: Rural
Sky darkness: -- <Limiting magnitude>
Binoculars: 11x70, tripod mounted & 
Quite easily located at the upper right corner of a stretched out 
square. Both appeared white, as most did behind the night's moonwash.