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Tau Hydrae

Steve Bodin 
Star: Tau Hydrae
Date & Time: 11 Feb 2002, 7pm to midnight
Seeing: 5 -> 3 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>
Transparency: Good
Location of site: Silverdale WA, USA 47N,123W
Site classification: Suburban
Sky darkness: 5.7 -> 5 <Limiting magnitude>
Telescope: Celestron 8 CS, Meade 4 SC
Eyepieces: 24 Koenig, 19 Televue wide field, 12 ortho, 3x Barlow, PC23 videocamera
Magnification: ---
Wide pair visible in the finder. WDS lists catalog as HJ 1167 with a F6V spectral class for the primary. Colors first looked just white, but further examination caused me to suspect a pastel yellow primary and a faintly blue-white secondary. Measurements: 66 sec, PA 004 deg.

Bob Hogeveen  
Star: Tau Hydrae
Date & Time: February 12 - 2002, 22.30  
Seeing: ~ 5 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>
Location of site: Annen, The Netherlands
53º N, 6º E
Site classification: Village-backyard
Sky darkness: 4 <Limiting magnitude>
Temperature: 5° C 
Conditions: Clouds with short clearings 
Telescope: Swarovski 80mm spottingscope
Magnification: Magnification: 20x - 60x
This double which is wide and easy turns out to be a good choice of Patrick/PJ. It is an easy to locate and in it's way attractive double for small scopes, already visible with bino's. Prior observations of this pair were made by me on March 23, 1998, using a 10x50 bino and also the Swarovski. My log indicates that I found the pair attractive, especially with the bino and the Swarovski at 20x..

The observation of yesterday confirmed that. At 20x the field is somewhat rich and the pair showed nice colors: yellow and (and indication of) orange. The color of B was not that easy to establish. My impression went strongly to orange at low power, but turning up the power to 60x that impression disappeared and I was confused. Maybe at low power the light was more concentrated and just strong enough to show it's reddish nature. Afterwards (always afterwards!) I checked Skymap for the colors, and indeed they were yellow and orange.

The pair gets, and deserves, an honourable rating of 2 on the scale of mister Richard H.

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